Shell Flintkote Waterproof Products

From conception over 50 years ago as a cost effective and reliable waterproof coating, the Shell Flintkote product range has expanded to create an integrated portfolio of products that are designed to work together, offering a seamless barrier to keep water out.

Shell Flintkote has a family of high performance waterproofing products designed to provide protection for entire buildings, from the basement to the roof.

Seng Fong Paints has been serving the local building and waterproofing industries since early year 2000. We distribute the following Shell Flintkote Ultra Waterproofing System for the Singapore market.

Shell Flintkote Super Penetration Primer

Single component solvent based primer with excellent penetration to porous substrate and quick drying. Use as a primer for concrete substrates, cementitious screed/renders, bitumen felt, mastic asphalt, weathered corrugated iron and steel, wood surface prior to the application of bituminous materials.

Shell Flintkote Ultra

Single component water based elastomeric waterproofing coating that provides long lasting waterproofing on applications which require enhanced elongation characteristics.

Typical applications will include concrete roofs, exposed metal roofs, rejuvenation of asphalt roof, retaining wall, external concrete walls, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, and planter boxes.

Shell Flintkote FG4

Is an open woven non-flammable glass mesh fabric made specifically for the reinforcement of asphalt, bitumen mastics and waterproofing emulsions. It has great strength, does not decay, or absorb moisture as do natural fibers such as hessian or cotton. Its high tensile strength provides great resistance to cracking and ensures a considerably longer life for the protective coating. Used with asphalt, bitumen mastic and emulsion in the waterproofing of new and old roofs. It reinforces protective coatings used in building construction, foundations and subway walls.

Shell Flintkote Alumium

Flintkote Aluminum is a single component bituminous solvent based aluminum protective coating of spraying or brushing consistency. Dries to a bright silver finish. It has excellent light and heat reflectivity. It is easy to apply and has excellent weather resistance property. Use it as a light, heat reflective and decorative coating over bituminous coatings and primed steel.

Shell Flintkote Type 3 Bitumen Emulsion

Flintkote Type 3 Bitumen Emulsion is a single component, not-fibered, stable water based and non-toxic emulsion which cures to form a firm and flexible bitumen waterproofing membrane. It is designed for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is suitable for use as waterproofing membrane on concrete, roofing felt, mastic asphalt, slates, titles and metal surface. It is easy to apply by brush, trowel, and spray. It has excellent adhesion to concrete to prevent lateral migration of water underneath. It can be applied to damp surface without standing water such as green concrete surface.

Shell Flintkote PF-4 Bitumen Paint

Flintkote PF-4 bitumen paint is low viscosity blend of selected hard grade bitumen in solvent which dries to form a high quality tough bitumen film. It is easy and inexpensive to apply. It has excellent adhesion property to common building substrates and dries quickly. It is widely uses for protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, concrete roofing, water tanks, pipes, steel stanchions, roofing felt, steel drums, corrugated iron and wood against corrosive atmospheric conditions. It also used as a primer for waterproofing membranes.