16 - Tiger Brand Rust Converter (RC-8604)

Tiger Brand Rust Converter (RC-8604)

Tiger Brand Rust Converter RC-8604 is a specially formulated single component waterbased composition for the treatment of rusty surfaces. Especially, useful where traditional rust removal methods like grit (or sand) blasting is not possible. It converts red rust to black iron oxide (magnetite), and stops further deterioration due to corrosion. Simultaneously, encapsulating the surface with an emulsion which exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, adhesion and very low water permeability. Tiger Brand Rust Converter RC-8604 is an effective primer which can be painted over with a wide range of conventional water-based and solvent-based finishings e.g., alkyd, acrylic topcoats.


  • Recommended where blasting to remove rust is difficult or prohibited.
  • Demanding environments like offshore structures and coastal areas.
  • Light metal industries like vehicle repair workshops, and OEM servicing centers.
  • Versatile primer excellent for DIY applications.


Suitable for direct use on rusted ferrous based substrates only.


  • Conversion of red rust into black magnetite can be seen.
  • Readily accepts a variety of both solvent-based and water-based topcoats.
  • Cures rapidly to form a tough, flexible and abrasion resistance primer.
  • Develops excellent adhesion to ferrous substrates.
  • Water-based coating easy to clean with water.
  • Easy to apply by brush or roller.


Finish: Black
Dry to touch: 30 minutes
#Dry to recoat: 24 hours
*Spreading rate: 8 to 10 m
2/litre (Approximate)

# It is best to leave overnight for the maximum conversion from red rust to black magnetite to occur.
*May vary depending on the texture of the rusted surface. Two coats at 4 to 6 hours interval may be required for complete encapsulation of heavily rust surface.

Surface Preparation
All loose rust must be removed to ensure the encapsulation process results in tough adherent film.

Rust Converter RC-8604 can be applied by roller or brush, however, multiple coats may be needed to achieve complete encapsulation for heavily rusted ferrous substrates.

Thinning is not normally required. If thinning is required please use water up to 5% part by weight. Extensive thinning may result insufficient film thickness due to run-offs from the substrate.

All equipment should be thoroughly cleaned with water after use.

The product comes in both 1 and 5 litre packing. Must be stored in cool well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Do not inhale spray mist. Remove all contaminated clothing and wash skin with suitable proprietary cleaners or soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with water for at least 15 minutes. If persistent discomfort or irritation occurs after application please seek medical advice.

Disclaimer: The technical information provided is believed to be reliable based on the manufacturer’s tests and experience. However as the product is often applied in varying field conditions beyond the manufacturer’s control, our company cannot guarantee anything but the product itself. And the manufacturer reserves the right to amend the information without any notice.